Slow in Haifa

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2007)

It’s been a rather blurry two days. After arriving in Haifa Sunday afternoon, we picked up my niece at preschool, then had a small bit of dinner. The next day (Monday), I was up at 5am when my niece got up. My sister took her to preschool, and I watched my younger niece (1 week old), which wasn’t very hard; she stared at me for a bit before falling asleep in my arms. (So cute!) My mom and grandma came over, and we took my sister and niece down to the beach for a late lunch. It was a really nice day out – not as humid, and a steady breeze.

We relaxed in the afternoon, and then after my niece was picked up from preschool, we moseyed around the apartment before we loaded up the kids in the strollers and walked down to the mall. There was a little cooking class that my sister and older niece would be doing, so the rest of us just wandered the mall for a bit with the infant, and then after the class ended, my brother-in-law joined us and everyone else for a bit of dinner. Made it back to the apartment in time to relax in front of CNN International and watch the Petraeus hearing before bed.

Was up at 6am today (Tuesday), and then watched my younger niece again as my sister took my older niece to preschool. Today’s big errand: food shopping! So we headed down the hill to the big mall, and snagged a lot of stuff for my sister to have. I have some pix of some of the more esoteric items I saw, so look for those later. After that, we checked out this crazy art exhibit which showcased scenes from the bible as envisioned with these dolls that this artist had made. The dolls looked quite freaky, and the scenes depicted were rather brutal. When they ran out of Bible stories to show, they turned to Jewish history, including the Inquisition, Holocaust, War of Independence, and more. Then there were fairy tales(!) and Jewish holidays – and the last one shown was the “Old Age Home”. Heh. We then headed back to my sister’s for a light lunch, then packed up a bit to take a cab to the ceremony that my cousins in the IDF were having this evening.