And Back to Haifa… Again!

Dan Goldwasser Israel (2007)

I overslept, having set my alarm for 8:30am, but not realizing that my PDA had rebooted and set itself to the Pacific timezone. So I missed the chance to join my mom and grandma for breakfast at the hotel, but that’s okay, since there’s been more than enough food on this trip! After eating with my sister, we cleaned up and packed up, and then left at noon to head over to the hotel to snag mom and grandma, and then we drove back up to Haifa. There was a bit of nonsensical traffic along the way which slowed us down, but we managed to get up there by 2pm. It was a chill afternoon, spent mainly playing with the nieces, and then after a take-out dinner (Thai food!) we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark before heading to bed. I still haven’t written my Hollywood Bowl concert article, which is now (technically) 12 days overdue. At this rate, I’ll likely get to it after I return to Los Angeles on Sunday!