Ben Gurion Airport

Dan Israel (2007)

The line at the airport was absurd. A huge throng of people, barely moving, all waiting to go through the first security check (Q&A and baggage claim X-Ray) before you even get to the ticket counter. After waiting and slowly moving up, I asked one of the line handlers what time it was. She told me “9:30pm” and then asked where I was going. I said “Los Angeles” and then she grabbed me, and put me in a special cordoned off line, which had 4 people in it. Well, that’s one way to skip the wait! (Keep in mind that this is 3 hours before my flight was due to take off!) From there, it was only about 20 more minutes before I was sitting down at the gate, having made my way through passport control, security, and then another security check. (Better safe than sorry, no?) Now I’m waiting for the flight, and they have free WiFi – very nice for an airport! But I don’t want to use up my laptop battery; I have a 16 hour flight ahead of me!