Final Leg back to Tel Aviv

Dan Israel (2007)

After waking up terribly early once more (ah, nieces!), I packed up, and had breakfast (homemade pancakes) with my sister and older niece. I spent a bit of time with my younger niece, and then everyone else showed up, in time for lunch. I started packing up, and my little sister and I drove back to Tel Aviv, for the last time on this trip. We hit a bit of traffic on the way, so we got in around 5:30pm. Just enough time to clean up, re-pack all my clothing, and then head out to dinner with my cousin and his fiancee. We went to the same restaurant that we ate at last year before I left to the airport, and the food was Middle Eastern, and quite delicious! Then it was back to the apartment, to get the taxi to the airport.