Flight to Los Angeles

Dan Israel (2007)

The flight took off about 50 minutes late, putting it at 1:20am Israel-time. That would be nearly 3:30pm in Los Angeles, on Saturday afternoon. I had been up since about 6am, so that’s a long day either way you cut it. Amazingly, I got about 7.5-8 hours of sleep, and then spent a bit of time groggily listening to music, dozing off, and watched Ocean’s 13. There was a muffin handed to me at one point, and then after the sun started to rise, breakfast was served somewhere over Canada. We landed around 7am (an hour late), and by the time I got through customs and got my bags, it was closer to 8am. I finally got a SuperShuttle back to the apartment, and then was home. Now I’m back from the gym, and it’s close to 10:30am PST… but it feels like 8:30pm, and I have also been up for at least 7 hours already. It’s going to be a very long day, and I have a lot of mail to go through, emails to go through, and freelance work to do!