Dinner at Solea

Dan Boston

Met Liz and Josh for dinner at Solea, a tapas restaurant in Waltham. The food was excellent – lots of small dishes to pick from, and we went with the Plato Mixto (Plate of Ham, Olives, Roasted Red Peppers & Assorted Spanish Cheeses), Queso de Cabra Monta’nes (Baked Goat Cheese with Tomato & Basil), Buٌnuelos de Alcachofas y Espinacas (Artichoke & Spinach Fritters), Patatas Bravas (Wild, Hot & Spicy Potatoes), Lomito al Cabrales (Roasted Pork Tenderloin in a Spanish Cabrales Blue Goat Cheese Sauce & Mushrooms) and Chorizo a la Plancha (Grilled Spanish Sausage). Dessert was Filloa de Dulce De Leche (Crepe with a Vanilla Cream, Fresh Berry & Dulce De Leche Filling) – it was surprisingly light, but hardly light in calories (yikes)!

I also got a Mango Margarita, which was quite good, but I’m curious to try any of their drinks that contain cachaça at some point, since it sounds great. Speaking of unique liquors, my grandmother (who doesn’t drink) has a bunch of things stocked away in a liquor cabinet (mainly for guests I guess), including an “Earl Grey Liqueur”. Sounds interesting, and I will have to give it a shot (pun intended) before this trip is out.