Rum Cake

Dan Goldwasser Boston, Cooking

Last year, you might remember that I made lemon bars, which kicked off my cooking trend. This year, I got a recipe for a rum cake that I figured I would try to make. I had sent off the ingredient list to my mom earlier so that everything would be ready for me, but unfortunately a few things were missing. Like, butter and more importantly, enough rum that the recipe calls for! (Sorry, a tiny flask is not gonna cut it, and neither is margarine!) So after a few back-and-forth errands with my grandma, I finally made the cake. It was really easy, and while I forgot to take photos at the pre-oven stage, here’s how it looked in the oven:

And here’s how it looked when it was cooling in the rose-shaped bundt cake pan:

And here’s how it looked when it was drowned in the rum glaze:

It was like a sponge, very soft, and it absorbed it all – and it was a lot of rum glaze! (Made from butter, sugar and rum.) I can’t wait to try it tomorrow, and will take more pictures so we can see how it looks on the inside!