Dan Goldwasser Computers

Apparently that power outage last night had a casualty of sorts. My TeraStation networked RAID drive, which stores over 500GB of all my music, was affected when the power went kaput. I didn’t notice it was off until this morning, when I couldn’t access the drive (makes sense, the power went out and it doesn’t automatically turn back on), so I turned it on – only to be rewarded a few minutes later with some error beeps, indicating that the Kernel failed to load. Hmm. A few more times, and it started going directly into “Emergency Mode”, which didn’t show ANY hard drives attached to it. Uh oh. It also showed no firmware, so that meant (at the very least) I would have to re-flash the firmware…. and pray that none of the data was affected.

After downloading the latest version (which seemed to indicate it solved this particular Kernel error issue, of all things), I installed it – and rebooted the drive. Bingo! It works, and is now running an automatic RAID check, which is expected to take about 5 hours. But at least it’s all there, and working! Whew!