Flight to London, Coach to Oxford

Dan England (2008)

So I’m off to London. Yes, I know I didn’t post about it before, but most people knew I was heading out this spring. Was dropped off at LAX by Brian (thanks again!!) and then it took about 15 minutes to get my tickets, bags checked, and through security. Of course, this left me about 95 minutes before my flight boarded. Typical. Found a power outlet, and charged my laptop while I played Mahjong. The flight itself was uneventful; it was about 10.5 hours long or so, and I probably managed to get about 3 or 4 hours of sleep, but not uninterrupted. Oh well. Landed at Heathrow, and made it through security pretty fast, got my luggage, and then needed to get to the Central Bus Station. Lots of walking finally found me there, where I got my bus ticket to Oxford, then popped downstairs to the Underground to get my Oyster card for the week, to allow me to use the tube when I get to London on Monday night.

The bus ride itself wasn’t very eventful; it took about an hour, and I got to see a bit of the English countryside as we traveled up the M40. When we got into Oxford, the bus made a few stops, so I got a preview of the city, which I’ll take a lotta pictures of tomorrow. After arriving at the bus station, I ended up deciding to forgo the idea of taking a cab, since it was only a 15-minute walk to my friend John’s flat, and I managed to get my luggage situated in a way where I could roll much of it. It’s chilly here, in the low 50s, and due to get colder tonight. I arrived at John’s, and after relaxing for a few, we headed out to the pub!