The Turf

Dan England (2008)

John and I went The Turf Tavern, where their slogan is “An Education In Intoxication”. Awesome! The foundation is supposedly around the 12th century, with most of the woodwork done in the 16th century. It’s got a very cozy atmosphere. I got a Weston Old Rosie Scrumpy, which is basically a cider. It’s mellow and doesn’t have the sweetness of typical ciders, and it’s deceptively alcoholic. One pint was plenty for now, especially since I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch on the airplane! We then walked around Oxford for a bit, and headed to the Aziz Restaurant, which specializes in Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. I had an excellent Chicken Korma. After taking a cab back to John’s, where I met his lovely wife Cami, I turned in, since I was still a bit jetlagged. Tomorrow should be nice and partly cloudy, affording me some great photographic opportunities!