Traveling to London / Fish & Chips

Dan England (2008)

After bidding farewell to John (and returning his keys), I headed to the train station where I popped on the 5pm Express to London’s Paddington Station. It only had two other stops: Reading and Slough. Fans of the British version of “The Office” will know the significance of that second location. The ride was pretty uneventful, and got me into London near 6pm. Apparently, that’s the height of rush hour. Begin the fun!

I had to take the London Underground from London Paddington to Oxford Circus, and then transfer to another line and take it to Bethnel Green, where I’d be staying with Martin, a friend of my friend Christine. It took about 40 minutes or so to get there, and dragging all of my luggage made it a rather exhausting (but unique) experience. The human crush was almost overwhelming, and I was grateful when I emerged into the crisp cold air of London in the evening.

Martin came to meet me, and we went back to his flat were I could unload my gear. Then it was off to dinner! Another “cross-it-off-the-books” moment – classic fish & chips, at a place I can’t remember the name of. (I’ll try to get it from Martin.) Afterwards, we headed to the Camel pub for a drink, and then back to the flat where we relaxed and watching Michael Clayton as I figured out my day for tomorrow. I won’t be going to The Hospital (where the music team is working on the score for this week), since things are a bit crunchy just prior to scoring, but that’s fine, since I’ll see everyone on Wednesday at Abbey Road! So I bought my tickets online for The Tower of London tomorrow, and I’ll do the whole tour, and then a lotta other stuff I have planned. Stay tuned! (As always, pix have been updated in the gallery.)