Abbey Road / Harrod's / Coffee with Erica / More Abbey!

Dan Goldwasser England (2008)

This morning I took the tube to the St. John’s Wood stop (one line transfer at Bond Street), and it took about an hour total (including walking) to get to the famous Abbey Road Studios. Yes, I walked across the crosswalk, but didn’t take a picture. The studio appears deceiving small from the outside, but inside it’s huge. Multiple recording stages and rooms, including the Beatles’ famous Studio 2, which I got a chance to see. (I’ll try to get a photo later.) I’m here for a scoring session, and the sound in the room is phenomenal – easily one of the best sounding stages I’ve ever heard. The full-bodied acoustics are just stunning, and the music sounds great. The only complaint I have is that the lights in the stage are fluorescent, making everything feel cold and blue (I have to re-take many of my pix tomorrow when the strings/woods come back.)

For lunch, I popped on the tube and went down to Knightsbridge, where Harrod’s is located. This department store is frickin HUGE. Easy to get lost in it, and the highlight (for me) was seeing the famous Food Halls, where they have literally anything you could possibly want/need/desire. Of course, things are a bit pricey there, so I ended up in the kid’s section at “Planet Harrod”, where I got a very delicious “special”, which had a rather large tuna panini with caramelized onions (mmm!), a salad and a drink – all for the “low” cost of 12 pounds. Well, when in Rome……

After that, I headed back up to St. John’s Wood, and met my friend Erica for coffee – she had just moved out here, and I hadn’t seen her since just before my Israel trip last summer! Was great catching up, and then I went back to the scoring session for the brass in the evening. By the time I got home, it was 10:30pm. The tube ride was great – I left all my stuff at the studio since I’ll be moving out in the morning, and it didn’t seem logical to bring my laptop/camera back and forth.