Another Day at Abbey

Dan Goldwasser England (2008)

I packed up my stuff, and schlepped all my luggage through London (via the tube) to Abbey Road this morning. After taking more session pix, and a light lunch, I headed down to Baker Street, to go visit an agent at Air-Edel. I took a slight diversion to take a photo of 221B Baker Street, since “Sherlock Holmes” was always fun to read growing up, and I enjoyed the television series starring Jeremy Brett. These pix, as well as some from the London Underground, are now up in my photo gallery. I also added some shots of the famous Abbey Road Studio 2 for all you Beatles fans! The rest of the afternoon has been spent chilling at the studios, and later tonight I’ll be heading back to the flat that Meri and Stephen are staying in, and will be going to the British Museum in the morning!