A late night, and an early morning

Dan Goldwasser England (2008)

What a late night – I didn’t leave Abbey Road until 11:15pm, since they have a bar there, and a bunch of us were having drinks after the session ended. By the time I got back to the apartment and settled in, it was midnight – and then the next hour or so was spent chatting and hanging out. Good grief the apartment is huge – it’s a 3-bedroom 4-bathroom flat near The Strand, just a block or two from the Charring Cross tube station in the West End. Got to bed around 1:30am, and had set my alarm for 7:45am, with a backup alarm at 7:50am. I was all set to head out by 8:15am, at which point I noticed the rain. And I realized I had left my umbrella in my laptop bag – at Abbey Road. Urgh. So, I bundled up as best I could, threw on a hat, and headed into the rain to walk to the British Museum.