The British Museum / AIR Studios

Dan England (2008)

I arrived at the British Museum just before 9am, and the line was huge. Everyone wanted the free tickets they release for the special exhibit on China’s Terracotta Army. I hadn’t a shot at it, so I just waited for them to open up the grand foyer, and grabbed a light breakfast while relaxing and waiting for the museum to open. It’s a fascinating and huge place. They have a lot of the famous treasures you only read about: the Rosetta Stone, one of the Crystal Skulls, and so much more. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you pick a specific area and focus on it, it can be quite engrossing. Due to my limited time and availability, i decided to do the quickie “overall tour”, which took a few hours. But I got to skim most of the rooms, and get a general feel for what is there. I’ll definitely be coming back to focus on some specific areas next time I come to London!

I then popped on the tube and headed up north to to AIR Studios, which was founded by George Martin. It’s a former church, and absolutely beautiful. The main recording gallery is gorgeous, with stained glass windows and lots of natural light – definitely a change from the fluorescent lights at Abbey Road. No idea how it sounds (supposed to be amazing though), since it was just an empty stage – but hopefully I’ll be back in the fall to hear it in action! I did meet up with a composer who has his studio over there, and we chatted for a bit, and it looks like I will likely be coming back this fall – just need to figure out the dates, which is hard to do since they don’t know themselves when things will be scoring!

I then started walking back towards Abbey Road, but popped on a bus to take me to the nearest tube stop, then arrived at the studios – it was nearly 2pm, and I still hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast! Lunch at the commissary was…. fish and chips. Ok, I can deal with that! (They know how to do it well out here!) They’re recording percussion, which can be a bit tedious sometimes to watch, but I got some great pix, and when they finish up I’ll be heading down to The Hospital where the music team has their studios for the project. Not sure exactly what the evening has in store, and I am not sure what the internet situation will be, but I’ll try to update as I can! (Tomorrow I’ll be going to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard!)