The Changing of the Guard / Hakkasan / Rugby

Dan England (2008)

I popped on the tube and headed to Green Park, then walked over to Buckingham Palace. It wasn’t even 11am, and there was already a huge crowd gathered waiting for the Changing of the Guard. I managed to work my way towards the palace gates, and got some decent pictures as the ceremony unfurled. The Queen’s Guard was the 23 Pioneer Regiment, and the Queen’s Guard Band was the Band of the Scots Guards. Amidst the various songs they played as the changing took place, they also happened to play the opening of Gladiator by Hans Zimmer, and the main theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith. Interesting choices, and rather neat to hear arranged for wind ensemble!

When it finished up, the rather large crowd dispersed and I figured I should find a place to eat. I hadn’t eaten anything yet today, so I walked towards Piccadilly Circus. It was all touristy stuff so I kept going, and then realized I could go to Hakkasan, the Chinese restaurant that my dad and sister insisted I check out, for lunch! So I headed up to Tottenham Court Road, and found the place. It’s hidden at the end of a tiny alleyway, and then you have to go downstairs, where you’re greeted by the smell of incense. It’s a very quiet and classy joint, with a menu that is definitely not for the bargain hunter. Per my sister’s recommendation, I got the Chinese Wild Mushroom Soup, which was delicious, and the main course was the Roasted Silver Cod with Champagne and Chinese Honey. Yes, it was decadent, but holy crap it was amazingly good. Thanks Dina, for the tip!

Afterwards, I took the tube back to the flat where I cleaned up a bit, and noted (happily) that the power was back on – but there was only about 2 minutes of hot water. Gah! Now I’m back at The Hospital to watch a bit of the England-Scotland rugby match, and then meet up with a friend for some tea and scones (gotta do that, of course)!