Back to Heathrow / Back to Los Angeles

Dan England (2008)

Woke up around 7:20am. The shower had no hot water again. Argh!! I packed everything up, and then headed to the tube station. Turns out my Oyster Card had expired (I thought I had 7 days starting on March 3, but apparently it started March 2). This was a blessing in disguise; due to some station closures for construction this weekend, they were gonna accept Travelcards from Zone 1-6 on the Heathrow Express, which I had been planning on taking to the airport from Paddington Station. The ticket was going to cost me 17 pounds. Instead, I was now able to buy a One Day Zone 1-6 ticket for a mere 7 pounds – thus saving me the equivalent of $20 for something I was going to do anyways! Not too shabby!

The tube was, as expected, pretty empty as it was early on Sunday morning. Got to Heathrow, worked my way to the terminal, returned my rented cellphone, and then checked in for the flight about 2 hours before it was due to take off. I grabbed some breakfast at Pret A Manger, and then bunkered down for a bit of time before boarding the plane.

The flight was pretty uneventful – I managed to get some sleep which was good, and that will help me adjust to the time difference when I land in Los Angeles. I watched some TV episodes I had downloaded to my computer earlier in the week, and then watched Becoming Jane on the plane – and then we landed. Zipping through customs and getting my bags, I returned home via SuperShuttle. What a fun trip!!