Lame HD-DVDs

Dan Goldwasser Showbiz

So when I got my Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive back in December, I sent out for the “Five Free HD-DVDs”. After four months, including the declaration of the demise of HD-DVD and Blu-ray as the victor in the format war, the package finally arrived. None of the options I had picked were included. Instead a note saying “Unfortunately, one or more of the movies you have selected was no longer available. We have replaced all unavailable selections with other HD-DVD titles, which we hope you will enjoy as well.”

Well, there is only one I will enjoy: Monty Python’s Meaning of Life The rest will be popped on the Amazon Marketplace, since I have absolutely no interest in owning Doom, The Italian Job, Waist Deep or Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix*. Oh well!

(*at least, not on HD-DVD. Maybe on Blu-ray in the future.)