Red Velvet Cake

Dan Goldwasser Cooking

Today my friend Justin is having a party to celebrate his birthday.  He wanted me to bake something (I brought homemade lemon bars and brownies to his July 4th BBQ), so I decided to try something new: Red Velvet Cake.

I found a simple recipe on, and made sure I had all the ingredients.  It was really quite effortless.

After making the batter, while it cooked I had to make the frosting. It has butter in it – it’s not exactly healthy, but oh man did it look good and creamy!

The cake came out pretty good; a little uneven when stacked, but overall it looks like red velvet cake. I guess the proof will be later tonight when we cut into it!

The frosting was a bit looser than I think it should have been, so it didn’t spread as smoothly on the cake as I would have preferred. But still, it worked, and looks pretty dang good, I must say!