Salmon with Scott

Dan Seattle

Scott picked me up at the airport with his awesomely cute 11-month old son, Zachary.  The drive to his place was scenic, as we drove through rolling hills laden with lots of trees.  The Boeing factory was pretty huge, and Seattle itself was skirted (we barely drove through it), but I got to see a bit of the skyline, buildings, and stuff like that.  Hanging out at his house, we got take out – fish and chips, but Seattle style!  That basically means, it’s “salmon fish & chips”.  I suppose that anything is even better when batter dipped and fried, but it actually was some of the better salmon I’ve had lately.

After hanging for a bit and watching “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog”, he took me to the hotel where I was to meet up with Jason (the composer who flew me up for the scoring session tomorrow) and Paul, the orchestrator.  We had drinks at the bar and hung out for a bit before I went to the hotel room and crashed.