Alpha Protocol

Dan Seattle

Today was the scoring sessions for Alpha Protocol, a new videogame coming out sometime next year. It’s a spy-oriented RPG, and the music for the game was composed by Jason Graves (whose website I created) and Rod Abernathy, with a main title composed by BT.  It was a four-hour session, with the first three hours to record the orchestral elements (approx 18 min.) of the music, with the last hour for BT to record his main title.  The chapel at Bastyr University, where it was recorded, has interesting acoustics – sounds pretty good from what I can gather, but the final mix is going to be where the real test of the sound plays out.  The Seattle musicians seemed pretty good, but took a bit longer to nail down certain passages. (I bet that if this were recorded in LA, it would have been the quickest 3 hours ever!)  Joining BT at the session (as a guest) was last year’s “American Idol” finalist Blake Young, who looks to want to get into doing more compositional writing, or something like that.  They’ll be done here shortly, and then after things wrap up, we’ll be heading into Seattle for dinner down near Pike Place!