Morning at Bastyr

Dan Goldwasser Seattle

After waking up at 7am, we snagged breakfast at the hotel and then drove over to Bastyr University. The orchestral portion of the score (for the game “Alpha Protocol”) is to be recorded at the chapel at the university.  There are a few hours for them to prep and set up and stuff, so I’m off on my own and decided to wander down one of the paths into the woods to see about snagging some pix.

It was very peaceful and nice in the woods, and save for the sound of the inhabitants, it was pretty quiet. I came across a father and his young four-year old son who were picking at a rotting stump to reveal the bugs beneath. Not many of them, but a termite or two appeared.  On the way back, I heard some woodpeckers, and actually managed to catch one in action.

Moseyed back to the church, where I’m just relaxing a bit now as people set up.  Lunch will be in an hour or so, and then the session is from 2-6.  I think we’ll be going into Seattle for dinner tonight, which should be nice!