Dan Goldwasser Cooking

After the screening of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, I swung by the Barnes and Noble that I had been browsing in before the film, and picked up three books that had piqued my interest, and were in the bargain shelves.

The first one is The Soup Bible, which has an amazing array of soup recipes of all kinds, accentuated with photos showing the preparation process and final results.  The second one, Favorite Brand Name Slow Cooker has a lot of recipes that should be easy to put together in my new Crock Pot.  And the third one was a total impulse (as if the two weren’t already!), Lazy Day Cookin’ – this book has over 900 recipes for the Crock Pot, and most of them seem to be a simple matter of throwing the ingredients into the pot and walking away.  Bulletproof, baby! Can’t wait to give it all a spin!