"Come on Big D…. fly!"

Dan Goldwasser Boston

The flight from Dallas is almost done deplaning.  It’s now 10:30pm.  They just announced that my flight (which was scheduled to leave at 3:30pm, in case you forgot!) is now only half-full.  YAY!  Maybe I can get a row to myself!  We’re still on track to leave around 11pm, getting into Boston a little before 8am.  Not sure why the flight is suddenly six hours long instead of the five hours it was when we were first on board at 7pm, but… whatever.  If I can get a row to myself, then I can try to get some blessed sleep.  As it is, I have a mild headache and am starting to get tired anyways.

(BTW, first person to correctly identify the quote in the comments will get a special gift.  Seriously.)