Delays, Delays

Dan Boston

After waking up this morning to discover that my Time-Warner Cable internet was completely hosed, I have been using my Sprint PDA to piggyback onto their network so I can at least get SOME connectivity.  Then I just got a voicemail from American Airlines telling me that my afternoon flight to Boston has been delayed…. by three hours.  Urgh.  So now I won’t even arrive into Logan Airport until nearly 3am, at which point I have to wait for my luggage, and then take a cab to Newton.  Whereupon I will have to wake SOMEONE up to let me into the apartment, and then I will try to get SOME sleep – but this has basically turned into a crappy red-eye flight, and I didn’t want to fly the red-eye for obvious reasons.  Bleh.

At least my internet finally started working – four hours after I needed it to.