More Delays, Lamest Excuse Ever

Dan Boston

So I got to the airport at 3:45pm, since that’s when my friend was able to drop me off.  The flight isn’t leaving until 6:15pm now.  I asked the baggage check-in attendant why there was a delay (knowing that it wasn’t on the Los Angeles side; the airplane had to arrive from Boston first, and it left Boston four hours late).  His pathetic response: “It’s just usual summer travel delays.”  Excuse me? What the hell is that supposed to even mean?  At least tell me it was a mechanical issue that needed a part from Hartford, or something. Don’t give me this BS about “usual summer travel delays”.  I’ve travelled in the summer, and a FOUR HOUR DELAY is not “usual”.

Urgh.  As I’ve been typing this, they’ve delayed the flight even more, to 7pm.