The Breakfast of Champions

Dan Boston

After a rather decent night sleeping (my cold seems to be slowly waning), I was woken up by the combination of light entering the living room (lots of windows with no shades), and the generally loud ruckus my nieces make when they wake up. Early. Managed to stay in bed long enough to feel somewhat rested because I got up. My little sister and parents were heading off to Provincetown for the day, so I went with my older sister and my nieces to get some breakfast at a diner in town. Pancakes and French toast – can’t beat it! We then swung back around to the house, picked up my brother-in-law, and went to the Cape Cod Children’s Museum, where we spent a bit of time playing with them and trying out the different puzzles and whatnot. It was a fun time had by all, and then we went back to the house where I started to pack up for my flight.