Drinking the Eiffel Tower / Bellagio / Planet Hollywood

Dan Goldwasser Vegas

While a few folks were down at the pool, Jeb and Arianna and I decided to mosey over to the Bellagio to check out the casino (they hadn’t seen it before), the botanical gardens (all fall themed!) and the fountain show.  Before we headed there, though, we walked to Paris where we bought “souvenir” Eiffel Towers, that came with a “free drink”.  The enormous Pina Colada was tasty (and alcoholic) and would take the next two hours to slowly finish off.  

So after walking through Paris, we headed across the street to the Bellagio, walked through the shops/casino area, and hit the Botanical Gardens. It was all fall themed with pretty flowers and plants, and they had some enormous gourds and pumpkins there, too.  From there we went over to the Planet Hollywood Casino, walked through it, and just chilled for a bit before heading back to the Bally’s.