Rushing to the Venetian / Wynn

Dan Goldwasser Vegas

Adam’s Blue Man Group show started at 7pm, but he had to pick up the tickets by 6pm to make sure he could get entry. So he, Danielle and I walked quickly up to the Venetian, and got there in the nick of time to get him his tickets.  We then had about 40 minutes to eat, but finding a suitable spot was tricky – everything was gonna take too long, or needed a reservation. In the end, we ended up eating at the food court. Adam went off to his show, and Danielle and I walked around and found the new Palazzo mall/casino/hotal addition to the Venetian.  It was under construction the last time I checked it out, so it was neat to see.  We chilled for a bit, and then went over to look at the Wynn hotel just north of the Venetian.  By then, it was nearly 8:45p, and Jeb was going to meet us down near the Blue Man Group theater so we could collect Adam after his show and go check out some more hotels.