Wrapping up the Evening

Dan Vegas

We crossed the street to the Mirage, and went inside and walked through the casino to get back out to the Strip.  Walking down past Caesar’s Palace, it started to rain a little bit.  We got to the Bellagio just in time to watch the fountain show, but were told that it was too windy to commence.  Gah!  We went back to the Bally’s so Adam could drop off his camera, and then we headed back to the Bellagio to get some gelato for dessert.  While we were there, the rest of Adam’s friends (finally) showed up, but they were all insistant on going clubbing – something I don’t care to do, and neither did Adam.  We all moseyed over to Paris, at which point it was already 11:15 and I (being the only person who hadn’t napped at some point during the day) was starting to get sleepy.  A bunch of us decided to go back upstairs to the hotel room, but stopped by a few of the slot machines and then watched a bit of the dueling pianos going on in one of the cafes.  By the time we got back to the room, it was after midnight, and the free passes that Jeb and Danielle had for the club had expired – so they decided to hang out with us for a bit, and eventually I just crashed around 1am – and my alarm was set for 8am.