Bailing on Breakfast / Whiskey Pete's / Return to LA

Dan Goldwasser Vegas

Woke up at 8am.  By 9am most people were awake and showered and kinda ready to go – but not everyone.  Jeb and I went downstairs to get in line for the buffet at Paris, but the line was just as bad as it was yesterday. Gah!!  Plan B: no breakfast in Vegas; eat elsewhere.  So we went back upstairs, finished packing, collected everyone, and then checked out of the hotel and were on the road by 10am.

We drove to Primm, on the state border with Nevada and California, and at 10:30am, ate at the slightly questionable Wagon Wheel brunch buffet at Whiskey Pete’s.  Again, it was all a matter of picking the right bits of food – the biscuits were great, and my eggs turned out alright.  But the coffee smelled really bad – and the waitress (when asked what brand it was) told us it was “Superior Coffee”.  Uh huh.  General rule of thumb regarding food: if it has a positive adjective in the brand name (“Superior Brand Coffee”, “Yummy Brand Burgers”, “Awesome Brand Eggs” etc.), then it’s not likely to be good! After we were all satisfied, (at least, as much as possible) we hit the road again at 11:30am and were off to Los Angeles.

After a break for gas and (for me) coffee in Barstow, I was not as tired so I drove the second leg back to Los Angeles, and we got in a little before 3:30pm.  Not too bad!  Overall it was a fun trip, but probably one of the worst culinary experiences I’ve had in Vegas.