Dear Zachary / Noise and Other Distortions

Dan Goldwasser Freelancing

Two websites to talk about.  The first is Dear Zachary: a letter to a son about his father, which is the award-winning documentary film that my friend Kurt Kuenne wrote. The film has now been picked up for distribution, and Oscilloscope Laboratories and MSNBC Films will be getting the film out there.  As such, they have a new ad campaign for the film, so I needed to revamp (quickly!!) the website to match the tone of the new poster.  I’m actually very happy with the site now – it looks cleaner and more professional than it did before (it was kind of rushed and put together sloppily).

The other website to talk about is for scoring mixer Steve Kaplan.  Noise and Other Distortions is a site that I designed, and built the templates for – but Steve is a technologically saavy guy who will be doing it all himself. So my job was just to get it designed and built – so there’s no content on the site yet, but that’s not my responsibility!