Packing for Boston

Dan Boston

Yep, it’s that time of the year again – Passover!  I’m flying to Boston in the morning, which means I’ve spent tonight packing up and whatnot.  I haven’t been back since Labor Day for Andrew and Annie’s wedding, so I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends.  I had a momentary panic when I couldn’t find my keys (they fell between the sofa cushions, which was the last place I looked, of course), but otherwise it went pretty smoothly.  Everything is ready to go, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t forget anything.  SuperShuttle will be here at 8am (or so), and my flight is at 10:40am.  It should be pretty slick – Virgin America not only has 110V outlets at every seat, but also has WiFi!  So if you see me online tomorrow, drop me a line!