Dan Boston

Popped back on the T this morning to travel downtown to meet Joey for lunch.  I hadn’t been down there since the Big Dig had been completed a few years ago, and the elevated freeway had been dismantled.  So, I was rather surprised at how impressive and pleasant the whole area is now – it’s like a big open European pedestrian walkway!

Lunch was at Legal Sea Foods (hey, you can never get enough!) but I was trying to be good about keeping Passover, so I got the clam chowder (not kosher, yes, I recognize the hypocrisy), as well as the chopped Greek salad with chicken – awesomely good (though not seafood, obviously).

Weather was surprisingly mild – high 60s!  A bit windy too.  Took the T back to Newton, and then spent some time with my dad (today is his birthday).