Brunch at S&S / Hudson / Koreana

Dan Boston

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday, but significantly colder and windier.  I went to meet Matt for brunch at the S&S Restaurant and Deli in Cambridge.  Afterwards, I headed out to Hudson, to visit my cousin and see his place.  Driving on the Mass Turnpike wasn’t too bad, but there was a car carrier truck that was tailing people – what a jerk.

Hudson seems like a nice spot – way out in the boonies – but with the quaint small-town New England vibe.  Too many “For Lease” signs in windows, sadly.   Was nice hanging for a bit, and then when it came time, I headed out to meet Mike for dinner in Cambridge.  I took surface roads, and it was a pleasant drive.

Dinner was at Koreana, and involved lots of sushi and sake.  Very enjoyable, but there was a lot of sake, so afterwards we went back to Mike’s place to hang out and watch “South Park”.  Then I headed back home to start cleaning up and do laundry.