Power Loss

Dan Goldwasser Boston, X-Files

Am switching to PST, so that it’s “live” blogging now.  We’re still in the air, about 675 miles from Los Angeles (currently over Colorado).  About an hour or so ago, the power outlet in my row (and the row in front of me and behind me) decided to stop working.  So I’ve been steadily draining my laptop battery as I actually get some work done.  Hopefully I have enough juice left to finish the uploads…..

I can’t say that I didn’t get more than I had expected from my laptop on this flight though; I finished off “How I Met Your Mother” (in time to watch tonight’s finale episode on the DVR at home), as well as 4.5 episodes from Season 2 of “The X-Files”. So I only have 3.5 episodes left to finish off the season – piece of cake!

Supposedly we’ll be landing in about 90 minutes; I am sure that I’ll manage.