Time to Waste at Logan

Dan Boston

After getting all packed up and cleaning up the apartment a bit, my grandmother picked me up and brought me to her place. We were going to hang out for a little bit before the taxi took me to the airport, but it was already waiting for us when we got back to her place.  So I just moved all my stuff into the taxi, and off I went to the Logan International Airport!

I got there around 5:25pm, and my flight isn’t until…. 8pm.  So I have time to waste.  Fortunately, I’ve confirmed that this flight will have WiFi.  Also fortunately, this terminal was renovated in the past few years, and has an awesome food court and amenities once you get past security.  Unfortunately, Virgin America has its own private gate, which is offset from the main concourse.  So, I don’t see any need to go through security until about 7:15pm.  (Boarding is at 7:30pm.) I found an electrical outlet across from the Legal C Bar, and will set up camp to watch some videos on my computer.