The Hangover

Dan Movie Reviews

The premise of The Hangover is pretty straightforward: a bachelor party in Vegas goes horribly wrong when the groom goes missing and the participants who can’t remember anything that took place retrace their steps to find out exactly what happened.

Doug (Justin Bartha) is taken to Vegas with his friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms), and his future brother-in-law Alan (Zach Galifianakis).  When Alan accidentally puts roofies in the Jaegermeister, they wake up the next morning not knowing what exactly transpired. The hotel suite is a mess, there’s a tiger in the bathroom, there’s a baby in the closet, Stu (a dentist) is missing a tooth, and Doug is nowhere to be found.  With the wedding only 24 hours away, the gang has to retrace their steps to find out where Doug is, and to top it off, their car is now apparently a stolen police car.  The journey takes them on an adventure that crosses paths with Chinese gangsters, Mike Tyson, hospital rooms and plenty of strippers.

Directed by Todd Philips (Old School) the film is pretty much a non-stop ride.  It’s silly and always entertaining.  Working from the basic premise allows the viewer to just go with the flow, and while there might be a few low-brow moments, it’s worth the journey to see how they retrace their steps from point B back to point A.

As is typical with these types of films, the music is predominantly source songs, but composer Christophe Beck provides a rocking contemporary score to carry the journey forward.  The end credit photo montage is brilliant, and while I don’t know how well the film will work on a second viewing, The Hangover was an adult comedy that made me laugh – a lot.