Intrada reviews Airplane!

Dan Audio Projects

It’s sold out, so it’s not available on the Intrada website. But here’s what Doug Fake had to say about the Airplane!┬áscore album:

Original soundtrack from popular Jim Abrahams/David Zucker/Jerry Zucker send-up of airplane disaster movies, starring Robert Hays, Julie Hagarty. Elmer Bernstein plays things straight, anchors with dramatic, winding main theme, then fills in with broadly-drawn love theme in contrast. La-La Land CD premieres complete score from original stereo session elements, includes treasure trove of alternates. Terrific liner notes by producer Dan Goldwasser offer insights to original film production, scoring session details, album assembly notes, more. Great fun film music from the eighties! Elmer Bernstein conducts, delivers a knockout! Limited edition of 3000 units.