Los Angeles to Chicago

Dan Spain (2009)

Woke up this morning at the crack of dawn – 5am – and it was still dark outside.  SuperShuttle picked me up at 6:15am, and I got to LAX just before 7am.  There was a travel crowd the likes I’ve not seen in a long time.  I stood in line for about 15 minutes, waiting to check in, when I noticed that the Departures display noted that my particular LA -> Chicago flight was delayed…. by 40 minutes.  Assuming it left on time, I only had an hour between flights, so this means I would only have 20 minutes to get from one flight to another, and pray my baggage arrived too.

Fortunately, the nice gentleman who checked my bags in was able to reschedule me for a different flight, one that left at 8:15am instead of 9:40am.

American Airlines

The plane was boarding by the time I got through security, and to the gate.  The nearly 4-hour flight was pretty smooth; I dozed a bit while listening to my iPod, but there was someone nearby with really bad breath.

Flying Over Illinois

We landed in Chicago around 2pm local time, and I was ravenous. I hadn’t had any breakfast before the flight, since I had planned on getting something while at LAX. Yay for my Bossa Nova that I packed away.  My flight to Madrid doesn’t leave until 4:40pm, so I have about 2 hours now to relax and charge my batteries.  Oh, and my departure gate is K-19.  The Widowmaker!