Reception in La Laguna / Clint Mansell Concert

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2009)

After the Varese Sarabande panel, Melinda and I were driven to the historic theater in La Laguna where Clint Mansell would have his concert, but the panel had started and ended late – which means we ended up missing the walking tour of colonial La Laguna.  Gah!

Canarian Balconies

We did however get to the reception on time, where we were joined by the other guests, including Carol Goldsmith (Jerry’s widow), John Ottman, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek and his wife, Vasi Vangelos and Robert Messenger from First Artists Management, Ray Costa of Costa Communications, Nancy Knutsen of ASCAP, and a few other journalists.  It was a nice little cocktail party, held on the roof of the theater. Weather was gorgeous, and the view was phenomenal! After mingling for an hour or so and enjoying some tapas, then it was time for the concert!

The clouds coming over the mountains

Looking out over La Laguna

Clint Mansell and his band (including Sonus Quartet) performed selections from The FountainMoonRequiem for a DreamPi and The Wrestler.  It was all quite good, but I was definitely feeling tired by now.

Clint Mansell and his band

When the concert ended, we headed outside to mingle a bit.  It was nice and cool at night in La Laguna, a blessed change from the stuffy theater that had no air-conditioning.  At 11:30, when we had all finished, a bunch of folks were going out to dinner, but I decided to go back to the hotel room to get some sleep. I had been awake for about 36-hours, with only 3-4 hours of sleep on the flights.  Whew!  I’ll have to go back to La Laguna later this weekend to check it out; looks like a nice area for photos!