Santa Cruz de Tenerif

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2009)

Once I cleaned up and relaxed for a few minutes in the hotel room, I met up with Melinda Newman, another journalist out here from Los Angeles who will be writing about the festival for Variety.  We decided to grab a bite for lunch at a cafe in a nearby park – it was quite a nice day out, a little warm but not humid at all.

Lunch was pizza, and it came on a platter with a tool that looked like a combination of a mini sledgehammer and a chisel.  You basically use it to cut the pizza, and eat with your hands. My Spanish is terribly rusty, and I still have no Euros, so I used my credit card to pay for the meal.


After that, we went back to the hotel so I could grab my things, then we took our time walking through historic Santa Cruz. It reminded me a bit of Madrid, with the long rows of modern shops and ecclectic unmatching architecture blended amidst more historic and older buildings. Almost everything seemed to be closed (siesta time!) and so we walked around heading towards the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) where the conferences would be held for the festival.

Santa Cruz

We ended up there quite early, so we walked around the older colonial district, where there were some nice churches and buildings, before stopping at a cafe to get a refreshing drink (it was hot out now).  Funnily enough, right across from us at another cafe were Diego Navarro, composer and the director of the festival, with composer/guest Mark Snow, and album producer/guest Robert Townson.

Snow, Navarro and Townson

I had a 4pm chat scheduled with Diego, so he and I walked back to the TEA and explored the spaces a bit while he told me all about the festival.  We then attended the Robert Townson panel.

Varese Panel