Hanging at the TEA / Dinner at La Hierbita

Dan Spain (2009)

After the radio interview finally ended, Melinda and I headed back with Ana to the TEA where the composer panels had been going on.  We ended up hanging with a bunch of folks down in the Library Cafe, chatting with Clint Mansell, David Arnold, John Ottman, Ray Costa, Robert Messinger, Vasi Vangelos, and others.

Walking to La Hierbita

At around 8:30pm, before the last panel had finished, a bunch of us were getting peckish, so we went with Pedro to one of his favorite local spots, La Hierbita.  Lots of traditional Canarian dishes were brought our way, including those wrinkled potatoes, and something involving large prawns.   Pedro’s recommendation was the “Cuban Styled Rice”, which was a rather interesting presentation of white rice, two fried eggs, bananas, and potatoes.  Mixing it all together was quite tasty – like a breakfast dish! But I think it would have been a bit more Cuban if there were plantains instead of bananas.

Dinner at La Hierbita

After dinner we walked back to the hotel. En route we encountered two of the biggest cockroaches I’ve seen.