On the Radio!

Dan Spain (2009)

Well, I didn’t know what to expect, and I can’t say I was ready for any of it. All Melinda and I knew was that we were going to be “interviewed on the radio”. Ok, that’s vague enough. So we were picked up at the hotel at 5pm, and driven to the local offices of the Radio Nacional de Espana. After getting slightly lost, we found ourselves at the station, and it turns out that we were just part of a larger program.

Radio Nacional de Espana

We found John Ottman, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Mark Snow, Diego Navarro and his wife Ana Molowny in the booth, being interviewed by a man whose name sadly escapes me at the moment. Jan had to leave (he had a panel at the TEA to attend, and Clint Mansell had already been interviewed on the radio and was currently at the TEA for his panel), so Melinda and I joined in. Ana had forgotten her notes, and so I was suddenly asked to ask a few questions to John and Mark. It was interesting, since everything had to be translated, and I don’t know 80% of what was said when the Spanish got really heated and fast.

Ana, Melinda and John

We were there for about an hour, and then John and Mark had to go for their panels… and I thought we were done. But no, we weren’t! Now it was time for us to be interviewed! Suddenly the topics took on a decidedly different tone, as criticism of Spanish cinema, American cinema, the lack of female filmmakers in the USA, and the overall ignorance of the American public when it came to Spanish cinema suddenly became the base of the discussion. Around 7:30pm, after two hours of being in the hot room (without air conditioning), we were done. Apparently it’s a 3-hour long program, NPR styled. Might be interesting to see if I can find a stream of it online somewhere! Tired and ready for some actual panels (considering I’ve seen only one panel and one concert, it was hard to answer the question posed to me about how the conference has been!), we took a taxi with Ana to the TEA.