Concert Rehearsal / La Laguna

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2009)

After breakfast this morning, I met up with Carly and Melinda, and we took a taxi to the Music Auditorium, where the rehearsal was ongoing for tonight’s big concert.

Concert Rehearsal

After hanging and watching for a bit, Melinda and I walked over to the tram station, where we got tickets to go to the other end of the line, in La Laguna. Since we had missed the walking tour on Wednesday, we wanted to go check it out and take pictures.

Taking the tram to La Laguna

The tram ride took about 40 minutes or so, and was relatively smooth – almost all uphill! La Laguna itself was beautiful, though the weather was a bit hot. There was a nice mix of old colonial buildings and newer shops/buildings/cafes.

Historic La Laguna

We decided to get lunch around 2pm in a little place called Oscar’s, which seemed to specialize in Spanish omelets. It was tasty and satisfying, and then after walking around for a bit more, we headed back to the tram and went back to the hotel to clean up for tonight’s panel and concert.

Historic La Laguna