Final Panel at the TEA

Dan Spain (2009)

After getting all cleaned up, we took a taxi to the TEA for the final panel, which was supposed to be “Agents and Composers”.  However, Vas Vangelos had to leave town, Clint Mansell had already gone, Joel McNeely was ill and wasn’t attending the Fimucite conference at all, and Jan A.P. Kaczmarek was down in his hotel room writing music for his current film project.  So, David Arnold – who wasn’t even part of the conference – was convinced to step in and join the panel, which included agent Robert Messinger, publicist Ray Costa, and composers John Ottman and Mark Snow.

Agent/Composers Panel at the TEA

Opened more or less right up to the audience for questions, the topics seemed to be stuck around digital downloads and limited edition album releases, much to the amusement of Varese Sarabande’s Robert Townson and myself, who were seated in the front row and might have had some thoughts to contribute to that particular discussion!

Much of the time was spent translating the questions to the panel, which was a bit of a shame since it seems like most of the audience had a rudimentary understanding of English, and the panel would have gone a lot faster if there weren’t those awkward pauses.  When it all finished around 7:30pm, we popped downstairs to grab a quick drink and bite to eat, since there wouldn’t be any food until after the concert!