Bus ride to San Blas

Dan Goldwasser Spain (2009)

After waking up around 8:30am, we grabbed a quick breakfast and then all convened in the lobby to figure out the plan for the day.  We checked the bus schedule at the front desk, and it looked like we would be able to take a bus from the main bus depot down to the southern part of the island.  Because there were five of us, we took two taxis to the bus depot where (after experiencing ‘El Bano del Diablo’) we waited for the bus.  And kept waiting. Turns out it was running on a slightly different schedule than we had thought, since it was a weekend.  Also, talking with some locals we began to realize that it might not be as easy to get to the San Blas resort as we had thought, since the bus only gets you to a certain point, and then we would need another taxi, etc.  Doubts started to creep in, and we were even considering scrapping the trip, and going to a local beach, but when the bus arrived, we decided to forge ahead with our original plans. (After all, we hadn’t been down south at all!)

We popped on the bus – a mere 6.40 Euros – and started the trip down south.  Weather was nice, and we passed some scenic views along the way. There was a bit of choppy surf out there, so there some spots where the waves were pretty intense and crashing against the coast.

Heading South

Big Surf

After an hour or so, we were dropped off at a place that actually turns out was not very far at all from the San Blas resort.  A short cab ride later, and we were there.  The resort was brand new, and reminded me of the hotel at the end of Quantum of Solace – it just felt very sparse!  It was very nice though, and had multiple cascading pools that worked their way down towards an infinity pool at the bottom, which is where Ray, Nancy, John, Robert and others were hanging out.

San Blas

It was pretty hot and sunny – and incredibly windy.  So much so that it made it difficult to keep umbrellas open.  I even got beaned in the head when an umbrella swung around and nearly escaped.  Due to the strong winds, San Blas was more like “Sand Blast”, and it even had “City of the Apes” look (from Planet of the Apes).  It ended up being more of a challenge to hang out by the pool, so after a while, and a few drinks, we all went to grab some lunch.

City of the Apes

We tried to get a table for nine of us in the shade, but the one table that wasn’t in use was “reserved” – so we were seated outside in the sun, and given umbrellas. It was just as tasking as the pool – trying to eat with one hand used to hold umbrellas down.  A few times they escaped, and nearly killed some small children. The wait staff was of no help either; they wouldn’t seem to make any effort to come over when we were shouting for help holding an umbrella down, and would laugh it off.  On top of it, the hamburger I had was disturbingly small in relation to the bun!

Where's the Beef?

After a while we decided it was time to start heading back to Santa Cruz, since we had to take a taxi then bus.  Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long at the bus stop by the side of the highway, and soon we were on our way back north.  The view of Santa Cruz as we approached it from the south was quite nice!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Once we got to the bus depot, we went to go find a cab that could hold all five of us (and succeeded)!

Bus Depot

We then went back to the hotel to freshen up for the night’s big concert.