Missing Baggage / Chicago to Los Angeles

Dan Spain (2009)

Getting through passport control was pretty fast, and then I waited with Ray for our luggage to come off the plane.  Nancy had gotten her bags pretty quickly, and had already gone to the Admirals Lounge by the time I got there.  We waited, and more and more bags came off the carousel – but not ours. Eventually it all stopped – and our bags were nowhere to be found.  Talking with the Iberia representative revealed that we could file a claim when we got to Los Angeles.  Oh well, I wasn’t terribly worried – I figured it would show up eventually!

At the gate, I was informed that the flight was completely booked, and there was no way I could get a different seat.  I guess I would be stuck in the middle after all.  I even tried to use my American Express Business Platinum card to get a little time in the Admirals Lounge, but apparently the particular card I have is not accepted.  Hrmph!   We boarded the plane, and after snugly settling in, we took off for Los Angeles.  It was a fairly uneventful flight, with some gorgeous views out the window, and we landed around 7pm PST.


Los Angeles

I went right to the baggage claim area to go to the customer service desk, and they were able to track my bag – it was still in Madrid. Apparently the layover in Madrid was just too tight for all the bags to make it off the flight from Tenerife and on to the plane bound for Chicago.  I was informed that my bag would be arriving tomorrow on the same flight as the one I just took, which means I’d get it Tuesday morning. No biggie!  Evan picked me up at the airport, and I was home by 8:30pm.  What a great trip!