Cocktail Hour / Lower Broadway / Jack's Bar-B-Que

Dan Goldwasser Nashville (2009)

After relaxing at the hotel for a bit, Phil and Justin and I met up downstairs to see what this cocktail reception thing was all about. Apparently, you show your room key and photo ID (yes, I got carded!) and you get a free drink.  No stated limit either, just one at a time. So we all relaxed and drank, and then when everyone came down, we hopped in the car and drove down to Lower Broadway.

We found some rockstar parking on the street, and walked towards the lights. Already, we could hear the music wafting up towards us – a melange of country, bluegrass, blues, and rock – emanating from the multitude of bars and venues. Our destination was Jack’s Bar-B-Que, and so we crossed the street – in front of a horse and buggy.


Being a Friday night, there was a sizable crowd of people milling around, and a huge number of musical acts being played.  There were also lots of neon signs around.




There was a big line at Jack’s, but it moved pretty steadily.  The smell coming from inside was awesome.


This was a place where you knew you were going to get some tasty food.  The various sizes were “Regular”, “Jumbo”, “Plate” and “Pound”.  The first two being sandwiches, I went for a “Plate” (which came with two sides) – and being set on going for the true southern meal – chose the pulled pork shoulder, with creamed corn, cornbread and green beans on the side. There were six different BBQ sauces to pick from; I chose four as a sampling.  And of course, sweet tea to drink.


Suffice it to say, it was awesome. It wasn’t quite the Kosher meal one would have for Rosh Hashanah, but it was definitely a nice way to ring in the Jewish New Year!