Cocktails / F. Scott's

Dan Nashville (2009)

The choir session went splendidly, and we did indeed use the fourth hour.  After everyone packed up their stuff, we headed back to the hotel.  Justin and I decided to partake once more of the complimentary cocktails, and after and hour of chilling and chatting, Phil and Penka joined us, as well as Greg (the mixer) and his girlfriend.  We went off to F. Scott’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar, an upscale place about 4 miles from the hotel.  It was quite the enjoyable meal, and I highly recommend it for fine dining in the Nashville area. (I took photos of my food, but without a flash, it didn’t come out – sorry!)

Afterwards, we all went back to the hotel, where we pretty much called it a night – it had been a rather long day, and tomorrow we’ll be doing a little exploring/sightseeing, lunch at Loveless Cafe, and then it’s off to the airport and back to Los Angeles!